Equality, Access and Sharing

©2008 Mark B. Anstendig

Yes, we are all equal under the law. And maybe even those who are not deformed are even equal in every way, as they come into this world.

But two people cannot be in exactly the same place, and few people can be under the same influence at the same time.

So some do have access to things others do not.

It is that simple.

The inventor Joseph Dahl once explained to me that, in the technological world, where keeping up with inventions is the means of keeping track of or/and keeping abreast with all progress, there are millions of unimportant inventions. An easier screw here. Another fastener there. Etc. Etc. But the truly path-breaking inventions that make real differences are one in millions or even more rare.

Back to people and equal opportunit. The great irony of the world is that, if those people who had access to truly worthwhile things, to which others do not have access, want to share, no one will be interested. In fact, if the person, who has access to that which others could not know, wants to tell the world something different from the accepted norm, however more logical or better, practically no one will be interested. Even if the person is sharing something of great human value and worth and not asking anything for doing so. Especially if not asking anything for it!

But rest assured that just about any person who dreams up his own cockamamie idea and markets it energetically, charging well for it….such a person will be listened to.

So why does anyone with something real not keep it to himself?

Well. In the past, that is what such people did, especially when it came to the human being and its possibilities. They kept it to themselves. It was just too difficult, and often too dangerous, to do anything else.

Today, the proliferation of billions of ideas and opinions and more have made one more not all that threatening, at least not in places like the US. But that has also made it all but impossible to notice the few things that really mean anything. And to try to say that something is such a thing will often result in resentment and even ridicule.

So, even with modern communication, tolerance and the Internet, access to true reality is just as difficult. And people remain just as unequal as before. Even though they may be equal under the law.