©2007 Mark B. Anstendig

This is a list of most of the disciplines of the work on The Path. It contains no instruction. The items are mostly just listed by our name or designation for them, without explanation or instruction how to do them. They are listed in various orders and groupings that are not necessarily the order in which they occur or are shown to the candidate. Some are exactly what the title says.  But most are many-faceted disciplines involving many steps and more than one discipline. No matter how they are worded, all are distinct techniques to be practiced, learned and made habit, even if the wording seems to convey something simpler. Almost all are evolving abilities that progress and build on each other as one works on The Path.

This list is mainly for those on The Path. But it also might provide a vague idea or even an overview of what The Path might contain/entail to those contemplating seeking higher levels of experience and higher levels of life itself.

For most of its duration, The Path is most powerfully The Path of the Voice!!!! The voice always reflects and can change even the tiniest differences in all states of body tensions and much more. For a long time after the very beginning of the Path, the Voice is the superior release for all tensions and disciplines, far beyond even the Chakras. The Voice must be taught and shown to the candidate by someone who has absolutely mastered it and is able to demonstrate all of it!


Relaxation: autogenic training order
Discipline, techniques and ways of achieving it.
Hearing Techniques (Hearing before seeing)
How to always listen at full concentration
All physical disciplines of listening
(Listen to music with full intensity, or turn it off)
Hold tongue permanently behind lower gums

Turn Tush/pelvis totally
Turn chest-but not totally, lift straight!
Arm swing posture alignment
Click out ears
Press out head
Press out entire head
Use Furthering Attitude/Manner (Of Listening, of Elegance), Make it Habit

Mirror meditation
Mirror work/alignment
Floor work
Attitude of listening
Centering and Staying centered
Avoiding/Resisting periphery, while still seeing it
Absolutely steady concentration all the time on anything

Resist all emotions

Recognize real insights
Recognize thoughts one should resist
Actively Empty mind
Passively allow mind to empty
Watch periphery, while centered
Expand Periphery (Long Term)

Relaxing down in lotus, all three directions
Multiples of sevens
Heavy pressure press-down

Breath completely forced out
Beginning of THE VOICE
Front Triangles
Back Triangles
Heart chakra
Work out angles of feet and ankles


Breath (In, Out)
Reactions in Breath
Diaphragm (Liberate Diaphragm and related from the Breath)

Liberate Breath/breathing from the Diaphragm, long term

Incline board
Resistance weight work
Hang alignment, plus legs front, back and side
Up on shoulders, legs and arms up (all releases)

Stages of Breath over Whole Length of Path:
1) Observing the breath
2) Passive Smoothing of the breath
3) Mill wheel, active smoothing of the breath
4) Breath behind the Breath
5) Slow Breath
6) Super Slow Breath
7) Freedom from Breath

Tongue release
Stopping breath and waiting
Body releases
Ultimate releases
Releases behind the releases!!!!!
Audible puffs out, lock results

Breath in, out through small opening
Mouth, one nostril, other nostril, two nostrils, all Three
Press on both sides of nose and blow
Press down as though to shit
Breath all the way in
Same press down

Start where one is! Every day. Every time.
On out breath
On in breath
All the way out
All the way in
Full loud voice once a day
Gentle voice
Moron voice
Uninterrupted sound, in and out breath
The unsymmetrical-impossible, let it happen

Wide open
Always actively look out
Angle of vision down, release it
Seeing Double
Open and close in increments
Catch blink
Keep in center of sockets (back and forth across to find)
Turn head, not eyes
Liberate Eyes
Angle of neck discipline

See double
Concentrate into Third Eye
Pursue Third Eye with all techniques to Visions of God

Rules for progress of the Visions of God:
1) Vision goes double
2) Four eyes become three

3) face sections not covering each other disappear.
4) two outer eyes disappear.
5) Light forms in Third Eye
6) Light rays overflow Third Eye
7) Visions begin to form in Third Eye
8) Visions overflow the eye
9) The Visions of God

Rules for progress of the color of Light:
1) Circulation of the light
2) Golden Light
3) Silver Light
4) Pure white Light
5) Fine, mixed colors, no primaries
6) Visual Color decorations on top of what one is seeing
7) Visions in fine colors, no primaries, supplied by God
8) Primary Colors introduced by God sparingly for the Liberated

1) The Real Visions Always Contain a Straight Line somewhere.
2) No primary colors at all. Only very few exceptions much later, after one is fully liberated, in the post-Path, maintenance stages.
3) Colors are fine delicately nuanced mixed colors, always exquisite, even the negative ones.
4) Always in the Center, never the periphery


Spin head, eyes in center
Work out all angles of neck, daily, through whole Path
Hold gaze in mirror, turn body

SLOW TRANSITION: Retain that acquired during stillness, during movement…..a lifelong process!

Superior chakra (insinuate)
Press out (further)
Crush face
Flex face fully, Mouth widest open
Blow hard against finger
Work all Muscles of Face regularly

Throat, tongue

Swallow up, down; Breath behind the Breath, always wait allow releases throughout body in superior order
Press tongue against teeth
Catch tongue, Detach from top of mouth
Wait for tongue to relax down (then again)
Wait for Tongue release to be smooth

Smoother releases

Harness cough, sneeze, yawn, belch, fart, sigh, hiccough

Catch and Hold orgasm after it starts/stop spasm!
Further progressions of Orgasm containment
Potty yoga

Pull up (tension across chest)
Toes pointed in
Center of gravity back/balanced
Tush arched/turned
Stomach (in ridges)
Swing and lift arms (posture)
Balance on one foot, then the other
Arms up (like conductor)
Rotate arms, neck, shoulders (hold “places” until releases occur, use chakras as apparent)

Edge of Shoulders, master, then always do first
The Pull
The Twist
Concentrate on one spot, without distraction
Feet Flat/Don’t flip toes
Lock knees
Shoulders, forehead parallel (lines across head and chest)
Hold/catch bounce (up, down, in between)
Feet flat, parallel to ground
Lead with toes
Glide (ship)
The Trudge
Don’t shift weight until foot down
Weight always on back, not advancing leg
Pivot at ankle
Relax from ribcage

Sit only on thighs
Start lotus on lower thigh, then add other leg/thigh
Half lotus (left leg on top)
NEVER Full Lotus (Pretzel)….counterproductive!
Tense whole circuit
Relax down (forward, to right, left)

Feet together, relax legs down

Lying down:
Lock knees, thighs, feet separately
Big toe up, others down/reverse
Legs straight out, feet and toes curved down: tensed
Reach full out
Head full up, back and should blades down, hold

Charley Horse Discipline

Full intensity then relax
Equalize tensions

Funny bone places (up/down, front/back, right /left, etc.)
All Chakras as they happen/become obvious
No Chakras if not Obvious

Stop action

Slow motion

Stages of when to “do”:
1) Do things watching breath, without changing breath
2) Do things during Mill Wheel without changing breath
3) Do things only on out breath
4) Stop Breath, do things with no breathing
5) Breath Behind the Breath

Tense muscles before using
Use circular motion

Bend/relax down (knees locked)
touch toes eventually, and farther

Smooth out beginning, end of action

Going to sleep alignment
Getting up alignment

Going to sleep breath
Getting up breath

The ultimate advanced stages were not included in this list. They include:

Ultimate Breath behind the breath
Shift to stomach muscle chakras
Eyes always centered, head turns, never eyes in their sockets
Forehead chakras
3-Chakra release
4-Chakra release
5-Chakra release