All instructions for doing The Path of Liberation/Enlightenment are always, and without exception communicated through God’s representative for the particular person, which representative is usually called a Guru. If a person tries to do the Path by him/herself, even if the person goes to a Guru, the person will never receive the true instructions if they do not come through the Guru. That is how God works. And God never makes exceptions to this rule.

Why do all insights and directions for the real Path have to come through another representative of God on Earth?

Because of the purpose of the Path:

For God, the purpose of the Path is twofold: 1) to free the body from some restrictive things that are necessary for the body to take care of itself when the consciousness in it is first forming and unable to adequately direct the workings of the body and 2) to expand consciousness so that the consciousness in the body can follow the needs of God.

The problem any and all consciousnesses face when confronted by another consciousness is that all consciousnesses want to do what they want and no consciousness wants to do what another consciousness tell them to do. That is the simple truth about all consciousness, whether it be a child obeying a parent, an employee obeying a boss, a friend telling another friend what to do, or God directing another consciousness, that he managed, at great trouble, to create to seem separate from himself.

So, while the Path does liberate the body from important restraints, which need the direction of a developed consciousness that knows how to follow the signs of God in order for the body to function properly. The price that consciousness has to pay is the willingness to follow the will of God.

Therefore, the correct instructions and insights for doing the Path properly only come from a true servant of God on this Earth, who has already given him/herself      up to the will of God to God’s satisfaction. Otherwise, God has his Creation perfectly in his control and in no way needs to let his people run loose and do whatever they want, even though they might think they are doing so.

Therefore, anyone who tries the Path in order to steal it and do it themselves will never find the real Path, because 1) they will never get the correct instructions/directions from within their own mind/thoughts and 2) God will see to it that the thoughts, logic, and ideas they do receive will be close enough to fool them, but far enough from the correct things to do to never result in the true Path.

Those advanced enough on the Path comprehend that the Material (the body) and the immaterial (consciousness) cannot, and never will be able to interact. That is simply an impossibility, whether for man or a God. The material and the immaterial, if they were possible to be created, would be self exclusionary and, by definition, unable to interact, let alone even be aware of each other. Therefore, since God was able to conceive of a world of materiality and immateriality such as the world we live in, with such things a music and emotional life and more, in order to create it, he had to create an enormous illusion. And then he had to supply the material body and the immaterial consciousness separately, but inextricably connected to each other. The illusion of materiality which is achieved with vibrations, had to be created by vastly limiting the range of consciousness that we can be aware of. Then, since the body is the rigid, relatively unchanging mechanism of various patterns of possible movement, it is the body that has to determine what the person does, and not consciousness. Both the illusion of the body and its accompanying consciousness have, each, to be created separately and put together by God himself to continue the illusion.

All of that, God is quite able to do with all of us in this Creation of his, without the slightest bit of help from any of us. That is part of the illusion: we experience ourselves as separate from and independent of God, even though he is both supplying the illusions of our bodies and the thoughts and impulses that go with those bodies.

But the aim of his Creation is to get some consciousnesses, who experience themselves as separate from him, to trust him enough to follow his will without question. That demands, first of all, a greatly developed consciousness and quite a bit of learning to follow the signs and dictates of God. The greater part of all this training is carried out between the subject/candidate and God himself, in ways taught the subject on the Path. But having the subject doing it him/herself would counter the things necessary to get the subject able to follow the dictates of another consciousness. And, therefore, God delivers all real instructions for the Path through another servant of his on Earth. Learning to trust and follow another consciousness on Earth is one necessary step in the candidate’s learning how to serve God.