Advanced 5-Chakra Release Order

©2007 Mark B. Anstendig

This release can be done with the full five chakras, if time permits or inclination dictates. Or it can be done with just the first of the four chakras. The fifth of these five chakras should always be included automatically with the use of any number of these five chakras.

After the number of chakras one can use is clear, if one is still rushed for time, simply do not allow anything AT ALL to release until the body releases, below the throat.

If one has time to work it fully, then first get the tongue to release some, so that the tongue moves down to its ideal position. Then proceed through the various releases in order of superiority until one gets to the above-mentioned release of the lower body. And then even that release can and should be pursued further.

Be sure not to go past the activation of each chakra in order until that chakra is full activated and steady. If activating the next chakra causes the previous chakra to loosen or release its tension, then go back to that chakra, while still holding the chakras that are firmly activated. Do not allow any release until all five chakras are firmly activated, all together.


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